Maybe Here
22 July 2018




“Maybe here” is a constant thought running through the back of my mind that something might happen where I’m standing.

Tension builds at the slightest sound or suggestion of movement. How much of this fear is self-perpetuated and how much of it is warranted. How different would my experience be if I was someone else.

This series is a departure from Janelle’s conceptual interests around Australian identity and multiculturalism. Using the project as a vehicle to confront and challenge her own personal concerns as well as a means to represent a more universal female experience.


Exhibited at Counihan Gallery, Brunswick in 2016.

Presented in partnership with Arts Project Australia, Landmarks presents the work of a group of artists that together reveal the ways in which we simultaneously navigate and inscribe our urban environment simply by living in it.

A landscape covered with structures, signs and symbols, emblazoned billboards and competing texts, our habitat is characterised by the traces of human presence and behaviour. In Landmarks the constructed environment is associated with memory and meaning as human markers accumulate, overlap and disintegrate. It is where shared spaces are transformed into personal maps of association and experience, where we might describe the world as one which can be read.

Curated by Sim Luttin & Victor Griss.